Residential Locksmith


Securing your residence is your No-1 priority. By installing the technologically sophisticated  padlocks or biometric locks, many concerned homeowners across Austin, Texas are  incorporating a few extra layers of protection to their residential properties from trespassing,  burglary, and petty thefts. If you consider improving your home locks including the garage,  entry gate, or mailbox locks- give us a call right away at 214-315-8515. We’re A1 Lock Express the No-1 experts offering reliable residential locksmith services in Austin, Texas. 
You not only need a locksmith for installing or repairing locks of your home. A1 Lock Express is  admired for the best emergency locksmith services we offer across Texas. 
Whenever you’re locked out of your home or lost your keys- call us immediately at 214-315- 8515 to avail our 24-hour residential locksmith service. 

• Emergency Residential Locksmith Services 
A lockout situation is the worst you can experience after coming back home from the workplace  or a vacation. If you ever find that you forgot your keys inside then instead of stranding locked  out, call us immediately 

We’re experts to help our customers from locked out situations by reaching them within a short  interval. Apart from forgetting the keys, you can also experience the equal disgust of locked out  if the lock is not working or the key got broke inside the lock. Even during similar situations, A1  Lock Express is there to help you with 100% satisfactory residential lockout service. Our expert  locksmiths are prudent to offer a duplicate keying service or can perform an extraction service  where needed. 
Save our number on your speed dial now to find the best residential locksmith near you during  an emergency lockout situation. Dial 214-315-8515 to let our locksmiths drop by your address  and help you move inside your home.

• Best residential locksmiths onboard 
At A1 Lock Express, we treasure our team formed by the best locksmiths experienced to  perform satisfactory residential locksmith Austin services for more than a decade. We take  pride in the happy clientele we maintain so far by ensuring emergency lockout services besides  reliable lock installation and repairing services at the most affordable rates. 

• Equipped with the latest tools 
Our residential locksmith Austin experts offer the best mobile emergency services by reaching  the given address within 15-20 minutes of calling. We’re fully-equipped with all the necessary  tools and equipment required for duplicate rekeying, broken key extraction services, and to  open the locks during an emergency locked out situation. 
At A1 Lock Express, we aim to upgrade our equipment arsenal with cutting-edge locksmith tools  to ensure state-of-art computerized lock installations, rekeying, extraction, and keyless access  systems with equal expertise. 


• 24 Hour Emergency residential locksmith services 
• Locked Out emergency with apartment locksmith services 
• Master rekeying 
• Rekeying 
• Extraction services of Broken Keys 
• Door residential lock repair jammed repairing of Windowpanes 
• Garage door locks repair & installation 
• Cabinet locks Repairing & Installation 
• Patio Door Locks repairing & installation 
• Entry Gates locks 
• Smart lock installation
• Install high-security locks 
• Safe lock repairing 

Our locksmiths have a fascination to work only with high-quality locks. Their years of diligence  and improved craftsmanship as expert locksmiths have compelled them not to trust low-quality  and cheap locks. 
Our expert locksmith for homes will install or reinstall padlocks, smart locks, and keys of  branded quality only. Therefore, you can rely on us when it comes to Quality Assurance. A1  Lock Express Guarantees the using 100% high-quality locks, keys, and parts while undergoing  our services. 

Home Lockout
Emergency Locksmith In Austin, Texas Available 24 Hours
Locked yourself out of your home? We’re one of the best emergency locksmith companies located in Texas – and we’re available 24 hours to handle any lock-related emergency that might take place.

We hire only the best of the best to our team, and when you hire us, you have the guarantee that we’ll get the job done fast – especially when time is crucial.

Here’s more about our home lockout services and just what else we can do for you.
Need a Lockout Service Near You?
We’re the best company to call for those little (or large) emergencies like when you’ve locked yourself out of your house. It happens to everyone, and when it happens to you, you’re going to need help in a hurry.
You can always count on us: We’re one of the most reliable same day locksmith companies and we’ll send our technicians over to your location as soon as we can.
You’ll be glad to know that we can handle almost every type of locking system available on the market, from your everyday home lock through to the more high-tech locks that you’ll see in some homes these days.

​We’re a Darn Fast Locksmith
Our local home locksmith services are available 24 hours, so no matter at what time your emergency might take place, we’ll be there to help. Especially when we’re talking about the kind of emergency where you might have locked yourself out of your home, you’re going to need help in a hurry – and we’re one of the best professional locksmith teams you can get in touch with.
​Other Residential and House Locksmith Services

We also happen to do a lot more than just home lockout services. We can also help you when it comes to lock installation or repair, unique and safe home security installations, key duplication and any service that you can think of when it comes to locks.

If you happen to need auto or commercial locksmith services instead, you can still contact our expert locksmith team for help and we’ll see what we can do to offer you the best-customized solution for your safety – even if you’ve locked yourself out of your place of business at a terrible time of day.

If you need a locksmith now, get in touch.
​Registered and Trained Locksmiths

All of our technicians and locksmiths are professionally trained, and we hire only the best locksmiths to our team. We’re a registered locksmith company, which means that we’ll always put the emphasis on being fast, professional and safe – and we can submit our invoice directly to your insurance company if it’s necessary.
We Serve All of Texas

We serve all of Texas and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a lockout service near you we’re the team to call – and we’ll send a locksmith or locksmith team over to your location as soon as possible.

And if we’re not the nearest locksmith near you, we can recommend one of our affiliate partners.

We’re the best same day, anytime, fast locksmith – and there’s no job we can’t do.
Lock Repair
Expert Texas Home Lock Repair

Need of home lock repair? We’re the home lock repair experts in Austin, Texas – and we’re one of the best companies to contact if you need any kind of home lock repair or installation done in your home.
We’re fast, safe and registered to conduct home lock repair.
Here’s more about the lock repair services we offer and why you should be calling us.
Our Lock Repair Services
We’re one of the best companies to call for lock repair services, and we can handle most types of lock available on the market. Here are just some of the services we offer – and if you don’t see what you need on this list, get in touch and find out if we can help.

➔Deadbolt lock installation
➔Sliding glass door lock repair or installation
➔Home lock repair or installation
➔Quick-fix door lock services
➔Emergency lock repair services
​We Can Handle Any Brand of Lock

Our technicians have experience with the majority of different types of locks that you’ll find on the market, whether we’re talking about a sliding glass door lock, a deadbolt lock or your regular home door lock. We can even handle vintage or high-tech locks that need a little bit more expertise.
If you have an old door lock and would like to preserve the unique style or have a mortise lock repair that needs to be done – we have it covered as part of our door lock repair service. We offer a range of different locksmith services, including lock rekeying – and our company services all of Texas and surrounding areas.
You’ll also be glad to know that all of the parts we offer come with a guarantee straight from the manufacturer – and all of the parts we use are 100% authentic and safe.
We’re a Registered Home Lock Repair Service Near You
We value safety above all, and we’re a registered home lock repair service with the right paperwork in order. This means that all of the lock repairs and installations are done by us are guaranteed to be completely safe, and we’re happy to submit the invoice for work done through to your insurance company after.
This gives you peace of mind that a lot of other locksmith or lock repair companies in your area can’t: And that’s part of why you should hire us!
Other Lock & Key Services
We do more than just home lock repair services, too.

You can get in touch with

Locksmiths if you need lock installation, lock repair, commercial lock installation, auto or vehicle lock installation or locksmith services and any other kind of lock or key-related services, too.
If you aren’t sure just what kind of services you could need or lock you might have, just get in touch and we’ll have someone from our expert locksmith team help you out. That’s what we’re there for!
​​Emergency Lock Repair Services Available 24/7

We’re one of the only lock repair companies in Texas who also offer emergency lock repair services, and we’re available for your locksmith, lock installation or lock repair needs 24/7 – just get in touch with the team via our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you soon.
High Security Locks
​Don’t know which lock to choose for your Door?
Need Lock Systems to be Customized and Meet Your Needs?
Looking for smart locks and key-less entry system for you business?
Contact A1 Lock Express Locksmith if you have Questions, are interested in installing a high-Security locking system, or need a Dependable locksmith.
​We Provide and Install High Security Locks in Texas

Have something special that needs protecting? We’re one of the best companies for providing, installing and repairing high security locks in Texas and surrounding areas – and we have a track record of happy customers to prove it.
Customer service, high quality products and excellent overall service are some of the cornerstones of our business, and when you hire us, you have our guarantee that we’ll be doing the job right.
Here’s more information about the high security lock services we offer, and why you should approach us for all of your specialized high security needs.
Our High Security Services
Security and safety are our top priorities. We offer the best high security locks on the market, and our technicians are experienced in replacing, repairing and installing the best brands on the market.
Here’s what we do when it comes to high security:
➔High security locks
➔High security door locks
➔High security padlock
➔High security deadbolt locks
➔High security deadbolt
We can even handle high-tech high security locks such as fingerprint scanners if you have more specialized needs than the ones we’ve listed here.
​Excellent Products for Maximum Safety

All of the products we use for our repairs and installations come with a manufacturer’s quality guarantee, and are ordered straight from the best high security lock manufacturers in the world to ensure that all of the locks we install are as safe as possible for protecting the contents of what’s behind the lock.
It’s part of what’s helped to make us one of the best high security lock providers in Texas – and it’s why you should hire us.
Installation and Repair Expertise
Need a lock installed, replaced or repaired? Let us know when you get in touch with the team – you’ll be very glad to know that we specialize in all three of these, and we can get the job done faster and better than everyone else you’ll find. Get in touch and put our excellent service guarantee to the test.
24/7 Service

We’re one of the only locksmith and lock installation companies based in Texas that can offer you 24-hour repair and replacement service. It means that we’re available for those emergencies when you really need help – and we’ll be there for you when you need us most.
Get in touch with the team to find out more about our 24/7 emergency service and how quick we can get a team of locksmiths over to your location.
Expertise, Guaranteed
All of our technicians have been properly trained in lock repair, installation and safety to ensure that they put the safety of your family (or the livelihood of your business) first – and our technicians are happy to answer any questions that you might have about what we do or how we do it.
Need Other Locksmith Services?
If you’re in need of any other locksmith services that aren’t related to what’s on this page (such as auto or commercial locksmith services) just get in touch with the team and we’ll see how we can help.

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Emergency Lock-out Service
Home Lockout Services 

Locksmith is the top locksmith company located in Austin, Texas – and we serve all of Texas  and surrounding areas. If you’re experiencing the kind of emergency that you need a locksmith for, get in touch and it’s likely that we can help you to get back into what you might have locked yourself out of.
If you’ve been locked out of your house, we offer a 24/7 hour lockout service that can help you get back in – and our quick response to emergencies like this coupled with our excellent service guarantee is part of why we’re one of the best locksmith companies for you to call.
Here’s more about our emergency lockout services for if you’re locked out of the house and just when you could use our services. If that’s not the service you’re looking for, take a look at some of the other pages available on this website to learn more about some of our associated services.
​Locked Out of the House?

Locked out of the house? There are several different ways this could have happened to you.
➔The key might have broken off in the lock, or the lock might have malfunctioned entirely, leaving you without access to your home.
➔The door might have an automatic lock mechanism that activates when the door closes, and it might have happened while you were outside your home.
➔You might have lost the original key or the spare key to your house and be unable to get back in without it.
➔The lock itself might have sustained serious damage, or just be old and worn enough to fall apart entirely.
➔Sometimes you can even be locked out of the house because of the fact that the original or spare key has been damaged beyond repair.
Whatever the reason might be why you’re currently locked out, our 24 hour locksmith service should have it covered. Just get in touch with the team to find out how we can help.

We’re Available 24/7
A1 Lock Express - Locksmith is one of the best companies to call when you have an emergency because we’re one of the only local locksmith companies for Texas, that are available 24 hours per day for every day of the week – and that’s the kind of service that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the area.
Any Type of Lock Opened…Guaranteed!
We can open any type or brand of lock, guaranteed – and that’s because our technicians and locksmiths are some of the best trained professionals out there. We know what we’re doing, and it’s because we’ve put years of combined experience together in order to offer our customers the best possible service.
Lock Installations and Repairs
Need any other locksmith-related service, lock installations or repair or the installation of a specialized security system for your home or office? Get in touch with our team and it’s likely that we can still help – our services includes a lot more than only services for when you’re locked out of your house.

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Same Day Appointment
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Lock Installation
Lock Installation

Affordable, professional lock installation Austin, Texas
We offer affordable, professional lock installation in Texas and surrounding areas, and we’re one of the best companies that you can get in touch with when you need excellent service with an emphasis on getting the job done the right way.

Our technicians are familiar with most types and brands of locks available on the market, and we’ve provided them with top shelf training to ensure that you’re really dealing with the best in the business. We also offer key duplication services.

If you need a lock installation, check out the page below to read more about the lock installation services we offer. If you need anything else locksmith-related, get in touch with the team or check out our other pages to find out more about our other services.
Lock Installation Services

Need lock installation? Get in touch with the team. Here’s more about the lock installation services we offer and why you should contact us, even if you’re in need of more specialized or emergency services.

➔Lock installation
➔Deadbolt installation
➔Door lock installation
➔Nest lock installation
➔Lock installation service
➔Lock change

We also offer a comprehensive list of other locksmith-related services if you have special needs, and if you don’t see the specific service that you need on this list just get in touch with the team and it’s likely that we can still help you, even in the event of a serious emergency. Lock rekeying is the kind of service you’re going to need when you need another key for a specific lock – and there are reasons why you might need us to rekey locks in your home or office.
Only High-Quality Products Whether

 you need to change locks on your house, get new locks installed or have an existing lock repaired (such as when the key breaks off in the lock), we’re the team to contact – and with us, you have our guarantee that we’ll only make use of high-quality products during our installations and repairs.

Our products are guaranteed to be authentic and straight from the manufacturer, and they come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Your safety remains our priority, and this is why we’ll use only the best products during our repairs and installations because of this. we do mailbox installations better and faster than everyone else in Texas.
All Different Types of Locks

Our technicians have experience with almost every different type of lock that you’ll find on the market, and every brand for sale – we can repair and replace anything you’ve got, and if you aren’t sure which type of lock you might have, then our expert team of locksmiths is standing by to help you figure it out. It’s what we’re there for, and our dedication to excellent service is why AAA Lock & Key Locksmiths is one of the best companies in Texas

Don’t Know What Lock You Need?
If you aren’t sure which service you need (or you didn’t see it here on this page), you can get in touch with the team for a first consultation and we can assess just what your needs are – it’s a special service dedication that other comparative companies just don’t offer. We offer the best high-security locks on the market, and our technicians are experienced in replacing, repairing and installing the best brands on the market.
Serving All of Texas

Whether you need our emergency lock service, need help getting locks changed or need to change all the locks on the house, get in touch with us: We’re registered, professional and the best company in the area serving all of Texas and surrounding areas.

100% Of Your Satisfaction
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Key Duplication
Key Duplication Service

Key duplication locksmith service in Austin, Texas.
Need keys duplicated in a hurry? We’re one of the best locksmith services to contact in Texas – and we can handle all of your locksmith service needs. One of our speciality services is key duplication, and we offer a 24-hour service with a quality guarantee and experienced, trained locksmiths who can get the job done right at your location.
Here’s more about our special key duplication service, why you might need it and why we’re the best locksmith and lock installation & repair companies in Texas.
Why You Might Need Key Duplication

Key duplication refers to making a duplicate copy (or copies) for a specific set of keys, and there are several different reasons why you might be in need of key duplication.
➔You might want to give someone else (a partner, neighbor or friend) a spare key for your house or apartment.
➔Tenants and landlords often want to make duplicate copies of their keys just for safety.
➔If the key happened to break off in the lock, you’re going to need your original key duplicated the moment we’ve removed the key from the lock.
Sometimes, the need for duplicate keys even extends to commercial use where you might need a second set of keys cut for a business premises, office, locker or store.
Need a Rekey Instead?

Instead of key duplication, a rekey refers to having a key made specifically for a lock. This is the type of service you’re going to need if you want to keep the original lock intact, but might have lost or damaged the original key to the lock.
If this describes your problem better, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s also one of the services we offer as part of our overall locksmith services. Just get in touch with the team whether you need a rekey, lock installation or key duplication.
The Cornerstones of A1 Lock Express
When you hire us, you hire us with the guarantee that we’re going to do an excellent and thorough job. Customer service, safety and excellent quality products are some of the cornerstones of what makes our business work – and you can see this in the quality of the work we do every day.
Read more about our related services by browsing through the menu, or hire us to find out for yourself.
Our Other Services: Installation and Repair

We do far more than just key duplication services: You can also contact us if there’s anything else you need when it comes to locks or keys, whether your need is for your home, your car or your business and whether you’re in need of replacement, repair or installation – whatever your needs might be, we’re there for you.

All of the repairs we do are conducted only with high quality parts directly from the manufacturer, and with their quality guarantee attached to it. With this, our locksmiths and technicians are properly trained in how to install, replace and repair these locks according to how the manufacturer intended.

What can we say? It’s why we’re one of the best.
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