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Can’t find your business or office key?
Have you accidentally locked yourself out of Your business?
You can rest assure that we can get your Locked door open any time, and quick as Possible. Call us now!

A1 Lock Express Locksmith: Locked Out of Business

Commercial Lockout Service in Texas
A1 Lock Express Locksmith is the best company to contact if you’re in need of an emergency commercial locksmith for your business, whether you’ve locked yourself out of your place of business, whether someone has lost the keys or whether you need locks replaced, repaired or installed.

If you’ve been locked out of your business, it can cost you thousands in lost hours alone. We’re there to help, and we’re one of the only local locksmith companies in Texas available 24/7 for any emergencies that you might have.

Here’s more information about our commercial lockout services and just when you might need a commercial locksmith.
Locked Out of Your Business?

Being locked out of your business can be a very expensive problem, and you’d be surprised at how common it is. In fact, company lockout is one of the most common issues we get contacted to help with – and we’ve always been able to assist our clients.

Some of the reasons you might be locked out of your business can include…

➔Losing the key to your place of business.
➔Damage to the lock that requires complete replacement or quick repair.
➔The malfunction of electronic locks that mean you lose access.
➔Automatic lock mechanisms on doors that engage at the wrong time.
➔Damage to the original key that goes with the lock.

We’ve even dealt with disgruntled employees who have changed the locks on their employers as soon as they weren’t looking – and we were able to assist them with their issue in under 24 hours and without any complications.
Need Replacement, Repair or Rekeying?

We can help you to re-gain access if you’ve been locked out of your business, and we’re one of the best companies in Texas to get in touch with for commercial locksmith services – but you should know that business lockout isn’t all that we do.

We can also help if you’re in need of lock replacement, lock repair or rekeying – the kind of service that you’re going to need if you’ve lost the original key to a lock.

Get in touch if you need a service that you don’t see covered on this list and we’ll put one of our excellent locksmith technicians right on the job straight away.
We’re an Accredited Locksmith

Excellent service and high quality products are some of the vital cornerstones of our business, and it’s part of what’s helped us to become one of the top locksmith companies in Texas.

We’re an accredited locksmith company that has hired some of the best staff to our team and provided them with the necessary experience and training to handle the majority of different locks on the market, whether we’re talking about replacement, repair or installation.
We Serve All of Austin ​Texas and Surrounds

We serve all of Texas and surrounding areas, and if you’d like to know whether we cover your area, get in touch with our team and we’ll let you know – or just check our coverage map. If you’re within Texas, we’ve got you covered, guaranteed. We’re the best lockout service in Texas.

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